My Family Page

My husband is Scott Frantz
My children are Emma Ruth Frantz Born 9-2-08, & Leah Lou Frantz Born 2-16-10

I have 3 sisters - Laini Bellisimo, Kati Sachs, and Ali Sachs
I have 1 brother - Jonathan Sachs
My sister Laini's daugher is Anna Philan (my niece)

My mom is Carolyn Bellisimo
My dad is Dan Sachs
My step-mom is Shirley Andress-Tendick
My only living grandparent is Elaine Sachs, my dad's mom
Her husband was Ray Sachs
My mother's parents were Louis Bellisimo and Armida Bellisimo

My aunts are Louise Bellisimo, Yolanda Bellisimo, Marisa Bellisimo, & Stephanie Sachs
My uncles are Bill Johnston, Tom Unvert, & Ric Sachs
My Cousins are Gina Lake, Kristi Cook, Tony Bellisimo, Matt Fluke, Michael Johnston, Conor Johnston, Danielle Unvert, Tiffany Sachs, and Stephen Sachs.